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AVANTEK Mini Wireless Doorbell CB-11

The AVANTEK wireless doorbell CB-11 delivers versatility and convenience with 52 melodies, 5 volume levels up to 115dB, and a 1000ft wireless range. The mini receiver plugs in easily and pairs with the durable, weatherproof transmitter. Both units have memory retention to preserve settings after power loss.

AVANTEK Mini Wireless Doorbell CB-21

The AVANTEK CB-21 delivers ultra-long 1000ft wireless range and CD quality sound with 52 melody options. Its IP55 waterproof design withstands harsh weather and ensures you never miss a visitor. With easy plug-and-play setup, customizable tones for each of the 2 included transmitters, and a 115dB max volume, this doorbell offers high-performance features and convenience for enhancing your entryway alert system.

AVANTEK Mini Wireless Doorbell CB-12

This AVANTEK wireless doorbell delivers ultra-long 1000ft range and crisp 115dB sound with its 1.1” stereo speaker. Its IP55 waterproof transmitter ensures 3-year battery life and can withstand temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. With 52 melodies and 5 volume levels, this AVANTEK doorbell will never miss a visitor even across floors, providing complete satisfaction guaranteed.

AVANTEK BA-11 Battery Operated Doorbell

The AVANTEK BA-11 boasts an ultra-long 1000ft wireless range and IP55 waterproofing for reliable performance in any weather. With 52 chimes and 5 volume levels up to 120dB, it delivers customizable, CD-quality sound. The convenient battery-powered receiver and transmitter ensure simple installation without occupying outlets.

AVANTEK WA-11 Battery Operated Doorbell

The AVANTEK WA-11 delivers ultra long 1000ft wireless range and CD quality sound with 52 melodies. The battery-powered receiver and transmitter provide maximum convenience without occupying any outlets. With 5 volume levels up to 120dB, this doorbell ensures you’ll never miss a guest no matter where you are in your home.

AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell

Expand your existing AVANTEK D-3B doorbell system with up to 2 transmitters and multiple receivers for your specific usage scenario in seconds thanks to the simple pairing method.

AVANTEK D-3G Wireless Doorbell

With a 52-melody selection and 5 adjustable volume levels up to 115dB, the AVANTEK D-3G delivers versatile audio performance. The IP55-rated transmitter provides a 1,300ft range while withstanding temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Easy installation and intuitive memory functions make this an ideal option for full-home coverage and convenience.

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